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More than data: knowledge.

The era of processing payments according to a “black box” method is over. Knowing everything in real time about your channels, shopping pathways, your customers, from the highest levels of aggregation to the smallest details.
We provide you with an instant and holistic view of payments by converting data into knowledge.

Immediate knowledge. From the first transaction.

Access a 360° vision of your payments, with a level of detail that allows the most in-depth analysis.

To enjoy the best vision of your conversion rate and to avoid under-estimating your performance, our approach incorporates the concept of orders and not simply transactions.

This vision is available on several levels, for:

  • Better knowledge of a specific customer.
  • An approach on group level, but also for each site, point of sale, brand, etc.
  • A segmented vision broken down into channels: mono-channel, multi-channel and omni-channel.

You don’t have to lift a finger. No development. No integration.


Enhance your performance.

Use data to boost your conversion rate.

Our reports allow you to analyse the relevance of payment methods by measuring their performance by device, business sector, basket category, etc. Given what you can observe in this way, you will be able to steer your payment methods more effectively and activate the most appropriate.

Use data to manage risk.

Thanks to our reports, you can steer your anti-fraud policy effectively and identify the best acquirer and issuer pairings, particularly to optimise 3DS performance.

You can also monitor the performance and quality of bank services and direct transactions to the most effective according to the transaction context.

As we don’t hold any secrets from you, all our functionalities can be monitored. You can easily measure their performance and the relevance of your pathways and adjust your strategy.

Accessible from a single place.

Your back office meets and adjusts to your needs in real time. With it, improve your customer knowledge and optimise the management of your payments.

You can integrate your favourite widgets on your homepage. Select the most appropriate from a wide range of widgets and select the layout you prefer.

Monitor in real time.

You can create your own dashboards using many available indicators. Pin your favourites on the homepage, and create a library with the dashboards you use the most.

As the devil is in the details, you can follow the timeline of a transaction against that of the related order.

Of course, you can decide to look at your orders and transactions in detail at the right time for a more in-depth analysis of any reasons for rejections that your transactions may have encountered prior to resulting in a confirmed order.

Reconcile transactions at 360°.

Your single portal naturally enables you to control all your transactions, regardless of the payment methods used or the purchasing channel. It is easy to reconcile collection transactions and refund transactions with your own keys.

All your reconciliations are easier: cashflow notifications, daily account extraction files and daily discrepancy reports.

Simple exports to your CRM or ERP will make your everyday management easier.

To take things further.

Our Business Intelligence team designs more advanced and personalised reports that fit your needs to help you to analyse, cross-reference data and think ahead.


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