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When visiting our website, cookies are saved on your computer, mobile or tablet
This page is designed to help you gain a better understanding of how cookies work and how to use the current tools to configure them.



A cookie is a small text file sent by the websites you visit. They are saved on the browser of your terminal (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) and remember temporary or persistent data. Their main function is to inform the website you visit of the date of your last visit and your display preferences (e.g. the number of items to be displayed per page, etc.).

Cookies Settings

We obtain your consent prior to saving cookies on your terminal (tablet, computer, Smartphone). You will receive this information via the banner found on the page when you first visit the website When you visit our website, you will be asked to accept or refuse the cookies.

You can consent to cookies being saved on your terminal: 

  • Directly by clicking on “Accept”

Cookies cannot be stored for more than 13 months from the first time they are stored on the terminal.


With a view to improving your experience, perfecting our services or facilitating your browsing, we use three types of cookies during your visit to our website:
Cookies have purposes which may vary. Some are necessary for your use of our website while others contribute to improving your user experience.

The website’s session cookies

Session cookies :  
We use a type of functional cookie to save the session. These cookies, also known as in-memory, transient or non-persistent cookies, have the sole purpose of maintaining your session context. Your browsing context is maintained during the time you browse on the website. Session cookies are used to recognise you on our website so that any changes and selections of items or data that you make on one page are retained from one page to another. When you visit a page of a catalogue and select items, the session cookie will remember your selection so that your basket contains the items that you selected when you are ready to complete the checkout phase.

  • You can configure your session cookies through the configuration function of your browser.
  • Cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

Consulting the cookies used by

Use of google analytics : 
The digital media we provide uses the Google Analytics audience measurement tool. The data generated by the tool and its cookies are stored by Google on servers located in Europe and in the USA.
 On our websites, we have taken care to configure Google Analytics with the “Anonymize IP” option, which ensures that your IP (Internet Protocol) address is always processed anonymously. To find out more about Google’s confidentiality rules, please click on this link.  
 In the interests of transparency, we inform you that there is a system to oppose monitoring by Google Analytics. To find out more, please read the procedures below to opt out.

Cookies to personalise your user experience:

Persistent cookies (also known as optimisation cookies), which are used to customise your user interface and save you from repeating your preferred browsing choices (legal disclaimers, saving of your decision on whether or not to take part in our audience analysis tool) during future visits to the website. These cookies may not be stored for more than 13 months. 

Social network buttons and cookies:
Social network cookies are designed to enable users to use the functionalities of the various platforms and in particular to share pages and content via these third-party social networks. They also enable social networks to target the advertising published on their platforms.
For further information on the use of your personal data in relation to social networks, please read the confidentiality policies of the third-party social networks in question.

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Refusing cookies

Deleting cookies from your device

You can delete all cookies already found on your device by clearing your browsing history on your browser. All cookies on the websites you have visited will then be deleted.
Please note that you may lose some saved data (such as login data or preferences on websites).
You can refuse the use of cookies by following the instructions below. If you refuse the saving of cookies on your terminal or browser, or if you delete those already saved, you must be aware that your browsing and user experience on the website may be limited.
You have the option of blocking third-party cookies. It is recommended to refuse them as the default setting.

In Chrome :

Step 1 : More > Settings > Show advanced settings (located at the bottom of the page).
Step 2 : Then click on the Content settings button and tick the box Block third-party cookies and site data, then click on OK to confirm your choice.

Firefox :

To refuse third-party cookies in the Firefox browser, it is recommended to refuse them as the default setting by following these three steps: 

Step 1 : Menu > Options > "Privacy" tab
Step 2 : Configure the History section with “Firefox will… Use custom settings for history".
Step 3 : uncheck the box "Accept third-party cookies".

Internet Explorer :

To refuse third-party cookies in Internet Explorer, it is recommended to refuse them as the default setting by following these two steps:

Step 1 : Menu > Internet Options > "Privacy" tab and the Advanced button to display the Advanced privacy settings.
Step 2 : Then check the "Override automatic cookie handling” box, then select "Block” in the “Third-party cookies” column.

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